a fistful of movies

Over the past month or so, I’ve watched several movies that I wanted to review, but they didn’t really warrant an entire blog post. Most of these movies were let downs; overrated. I do have some positive remarks, though.

My thoughts on:
Lucky Number Slevin
Inside Man
The Protector
The Matador
Thank You for Smoking

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el macquinista

Christian Bale is a ridiculously talented, under-rated actor. This is the guy who was able to bring Batman to life and make a serial-killer compelling and pitiable. I’ve enjoyed his movies since I first saw his haunting performance in Empire of the Sun back in junior high.

I finally sat down and watched The Machinist (El Maqinesta in Spain, where the film was made). Everyone has heard about his concentration-camp weight-loss. The real question is: why? I had put off watching the movie because I thought it would be dark, depressing and ultimately leave me with nothing. I should’ve trusted the abilities of Christian.

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