i’m legal — day 3

I was busy yesterday and did not get a chance to make any notes other than into my voice recorder. Bedtime was after 2am. And I was awakened this morning before 6 for the possibility of a customer. So….going to run and fully wake up, get ready for the day and write about yesterday.

Doing good, just tired.

making the trip – day 1

After making a wrong turn into Utah, I get on the right highway and have the drive to Wells almost completely by myself the whole way. It is quite beautiful. I understand the attraction the American West has had for artists.

Thanks to my 3hour detour, I’m too late to get into the doctor today, so early tomorrow morning I will go and have my medical tests and business paperwork done. Also, I’ll get to check out the local Wal-Mart and pick up everything I forgot to bring with me – as usual. When I get back to the brothel, I begin my training. I won’t get clearance until Friday. Which leads to me being sort of quarantined – I can’t be in the same room or interact with customers until I’m declared medically sound. I’m amused. It does mean I don’t have to worry about my appearance for another day or so.

the brothel

The brothel itself does have a trailer look in its design, but it does not seem to be built off a house trailer (grew up in East Texas, I’ve seen a few). It’s one story, sort of an I or H shape and freshly painted a red-clay color. It’s not glamorous, but it is roomy, clean and effort has been made to make it appealing. There are several interior renovations going on as well. I take that as a good sign.

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shopping like a hooker

For once in my life I’m exceptionally free. I have my books, but that is a very portable business. So I can indulge my wanderlust like never before.

I’ll spend the next [insert time frame here] exploring sex work. Since I would probably be a target if I publicly did this in the US, most of my new experiences will be in other countries.

But there is one experience in the US available to me: Nevada brothels.

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