Not the post I was writing for this week (I write very slowly), but just two short bits, one very funny, the other rather sad.

— One very special man wants to know how to book an escort and hotel room package. While I would love for this to actually be an option, it would be a can of worms even in legalized countries. (Except for those all-inclusive, buy-a-very-poor-girl-very-cheaply-for-the-entire-weekend tropical resorts.) Also, I’m not sure how well a hotel room/escort package would go over with the “mystery” bidding on hotel sites (like Priceline).

— In general, mainstream cluelessness, MSN posits there is actually a wrong way to show cleavage and gives us a photo gallery of examples. My issue with most of the photos they chose is that the women simply have natural breasts, naturally-presented. These are what real boobies look like; minus taping, makeup, special bras and/or implants (examples of implants and special effects are in the gallery as well). Apparently this simple fact of nature is lost on fashion/entertainment editors. What a sorry, sorry moment. The women with real breasts in this gallery have nothing to be ashamed of.