and it begins

I’ve bought a plane ticket to London, departing 5/16. Though I have a return date in early June, I probably won’t make it. My plan is to get my feet wet in London and then venture off to Europe on my own. I’ve gotten a lot of tips and a couple invites over the past few months, so this adventure won’t be completely alone! And there is a good friend in Sweden I must see, so since I’ll be over there anyway…

Yes, I’ll be working and yes, it will be as Amanda. I’ll play up the American angle. I think most men will be intrigued. I’m a very laid-back brand of American – probably what most people think of when they think American (aside from various politicians). I’ll be blogging and Twittering – when I remember to. Someone very special recently bought me my first digital camera so I can take pictures too! (Thank you, my friend.) I’m setting up an interactive online photo gallery on this site to store my pictures. So look for a test run of that in the next month. There will be a way for people to join the gallery, though I politely ask that no photos be posted other than mine. Comments are allowed. (I may just completely overhaul this blog theme, but not sure I’ll have the spare time. Volunteers are welcome to apply!)

Traveling like this is a life-long desire and my time has finally arrived. I plan on doing more than just Internet escort work though. I certainly want to try a variety of flavors of sex work. This is a thing for me, not a marketing/advertising thing. I’ll be paying my bills and living but at the same time, I want experiences and to find out new things. (Except pimps — not doing that.) I have a feeling I’ll be gone for some time.

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cramming my head – day 2

last night continued…

After making my post last night, I went out to the common rooms to socialize. The girls were friendly. There is Katrina, a semi-finalist on America’s Next Top Model (or one of those model shows) – she told me after I said she looked like a model. She’s done print and promotion work in Vegas as well.

I watched a couple line-ups. From my vantage point (making sure the men didn’t see my medically-uncleared self), the line-ups were not in the least degrading and had a laid-back, high-school-dance charm. Every girl in the house is different, so men can easily pick their “type.” It also keeps anyone from being offended since no one person is direct competition to another.

Katya, our resident Russian, talked to me at length about policy, procedure and how she conducts her business. She’s older, but is a degreed engineer. She has her accent and big blue eyes. Her success (and she does make money) is due to her personality, intelligence and sexual skills. She tells me this. She’s quite proud of her abilities. Why not?

I listen to Katrina at the CB radio. Not too bad, but it’s generally really fuzzy and hard to hear. There’s a script we get to work from.

I watch The Colbert Report and go to sleep. (There’s a TV in every room over the bed, kind of like in a hospital or some motels.)

thursday morning

I wake up bright and early. I have to go out for my run, then get back to get ready to head into Elko for my medical exam and paperwork. Instead, I end up talking on the phone and just walk around, no running. Since the food here is rather processed-carb-heavy and not as many whole grains, light proteins and fruits as I want, I need to run.

Fix my own breakfast and take a shower. I’m ready to roll, it’s 9am.

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making the trip – day 1

After making a wrong turn into Utah, I get on the right highway and have the drive to Wells almost completely by myself the whole way. It is quite beautiful. I understand the attraction the American West has had for artists.

Thanks to my 3hour detour, I’m too late to get into the doctor today, so early tomorrow morning I will go and have my medical tests and business paperwork done. Also, I’ll get to check out the local Wal-Mart and pick up everything I forgot to bring with me – as usual. When I get back to the brothel, I begin my training. I won’t get clearance until Friday. Which leads to me being sort of quarantined – I can’t be in the same room or interact with customers until I’m declared medically sound. I’m amused. It does mean I don’t have to worry about my appearance for another day or so.

the brothel

The brothel itself does have a trailer look in its design, but it does not seem to be built off a house trailer (grew up in East Texas, I’ve seen a few). It’s one story, sort of an I or H shape and freshly painted a red-clay color. It’s not glamorous, but it is roomy, clean and effort has been made to make it appealing. There are several interior renovations going on as well. I take that as a good sign.

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