advertising in london

This is mostly a note to myself and any other escorts. But longer than what I can easily put on Twitter.

UK sites that seem to get results: CraigsList, Punterlink, Captain69, Eros-London, Cherrygirls (admittedly, these are no-brainers)

Site I have yet to try: Vivastreet

Though Gumtree has been mentioned to me, it does not seem to have a section for sex services. I prefer to advertise online only where I know I’m welcome. I prefer not to advertise in Personals sections.

I’m on other sites but I know I’ve gotten response and work from the results list. Also applying to various agencies and looking into a hostess club. Why not? The Internet is reliable and good for base work but I really do want to try new things.

This post is sort of jumping into the middle of things. Sorry. I will get my chronology in order shortly!

8 thoughts on “advertising in london

  1. Casey

    I’m halfwayy through Book 2 and just have to immediately post this comment somewhere – you amaze me!

    I’m in awe of your work – the writing is seemless (I KNOW how hard that is but you make it look SO easy), the information thorough as can be but never bogged down, always interesting, perfectly laid out and such a smooth read I had a hard time putting it down to sleep! I can’t believe I read so much in one sitting and probably could’ve read the whole 400 pages had I the time.

    I’m so so so impressed! And you’ve really inspired me to rise to the occasion with my stripper book (which Ivory and I should be starting back on in July, finally).

    Anyway, I’m not even done with Book 2 and can’t wait for Book 3…lol.

  2. Amanda Brooks Post author


    Thank you so much! I’m smiling so big. Needed to hear this. And coming from you, the writing commentary means a lot.

    Can’t wait to read your stripper book! It’s going to be so good and make me want to start stripping again. (Well, maybe not.)


  3. Dollymopp

    You forgot the biggest one, in UK –
    This is consistently NO.1 of my google analytic stats, then UK belles, Captain 69, Sexy Independent Escorts, Punterlink, VixenEscorts, London Escort Guide, London Independents, Escortmania.
    I am waiting on both your books at the moment..can’t wait to read! x

  4. Amanda Brooks Post author


    For some reason, I keep thinking Punterlink and Punternet are the same thing. At the time of this post, I wasn’t on Punternet. Thanks for the other advertisers though!


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