Escort, Author, Advocate, Conversationalist

A Warm Welcome!

My name is Amanda Brooks. I'm an escort and author, primarily. You may have seen me on National Geographic or CNBC, or stumbled across one of my books on Amazon. I'm here because I have finally realized...I should be.

Conversation has always been the cornerstone of my two decades of sex work, whether as a stripper, escort, brothel worker; in the US or around the world. I'm a great listener and my years of unparalleled experiences have given me a perspective on life few ever achieve.

An introvert, I've always excelled at the one-on-one time that escorting provides. I'm empathetic to a fault, and a thoughtful, intense listener with a well-trained memory for other's stories. Even better, all of this is topped off with an unusually multi-faceted sense of humor.

What Are You Paying For?

You're going to be chatting with me just like if we were in an escort appointment. That's the conversational style I'm used to and it works for me. This isn't traditional phone sex. If that's what you're used to, this might be a refreshing change (or not). If you're used to escorts, then you might enjoy this way of meeting me because it's the only way Amanda is available to you privately.

My time and energy are what you pay for as an escort, not sex. You can pay for my time and energy perfectly legally through Niteflirt, with no risk to either of us. Just like talking to a GFE escort, except we're not in the same room. Or like talking to an old friend, if you've been following me for a while.

Even better, since we never meet in person, you don't have to pay as much (or my travel expenses).

What Are You NOT Paying For?

You're certainly not paying to meet me. While I am currently escorting, it's under a different name and she's not on Niteflirt. This profile is exactly what it claims to be: for paid conversation. Nothing else.

That being said, the conversation isn't likely to be all that sexy. I'm no master of dirty talk and my discussion of sex is likely to be sharing stories or an actual discussion of the body, in a biological or clinical way. There are a huge number of providers here who offer sexy sex talk. I don't feel I need to offer what is already easily available to you, and is not a strength of mine.

Sex work is work and I'm choosing to do the work I do best, and not work that I'm uncomfortable with, or that will leave you dissatisfied.

I think that's fair, don't you?

A Short Bio

I'm a mature and seasoned 43yrs old. If we cam, you'll find I'm beautiful and look younger than I am. I tend to be vivacaeous and can be very entertaining if you get my subtle, dry humor. I do best with someone who enjoys engaging with their conversational partner, I cannot talk to a wall.

Unlike many profiles on Niteflirt, I am 100% Amanda Brooks, from the photos on here to my interview clips to my Twitter and blog.

Rules for Conversing

Whether text, phone, email or phone with cam, please keep these few simple things in mind:
  • The Niteflirt rules, particularly Prohibited Content.
  • Respect my boundaries. There are going to be topics that I ask we skip, or I change the subject. Respect that.
  • Likewise, if I say something that goes out of your bounds, please let me know.
  • Not respecting my boundaries means I end our conversation, possibly permanently.
  • I will not give advice on becoming an escort or consult on your escort business.
  • I have a finely-calibrated bullshit dectector and a zero-tolerance policy for bullshit.
  • Understand that most of all, I wish to have positive conversations. Even if we touch on painful topics, the overall result should be one of finding solutions, venting, or simply coming to peace. I've had enough negativity to last the rest of my life. I do not want it here.

More Info on Calls

I prefer if you schedule your phone/phone with cam sessions. I do have a life and it doesn't always involve sitting at the computer, thank god. Sometimes I will be stuck at the monitor and I'll be available without an appointment. It's really best to catch me by scheduling with me. I have always liked working to a schedule. Text (paid) or email (free) with me to set a phone or phone with cam appointment.

Right now, I do not like the idea of camming (I see it as a personal privacy issue). So if I do cam, it's going to be worth my while. We're talking $50/minute. Camming is just an extended conversation. I will be fully-dressed and will remain so. Still want to cam? Okay then, let's set an appointment!

Both men and women are welcome to call or otherwise converse with me.

Since this has nothing to do with my sexual preferences and abilities, women are encouraged to converse. I think you'll find I'm quite the feminist cheerleader and have zero tolerance for male bullshit. I'm very supportive of women and hope that you can avoid the mistakes I've made. Or, that I can simply be your listening ear. Sex work can be very isolating.

However, I cannot teach you how to become an escort or give you escort advice. Please do not start a conversation for that reason.

Text and Paid Emails

The rest of my offerings are pretty normal. You can pay to text with me. As a writer, this is a fine way to chat with me. We can exchange paid emails (again, writer, same). These don't have time limitations like phone/phone with cam, since these can be done anytime, while I'm doing other things. Paid emails are where the conversation is contained to emails and is labor-intensive, unlike just making a phone appointment via email.

Gratitude, Tips

If you've been a follower for years, or think I've brought benefits to your life, or enjoyed meeting me at some point: tip me! I appreciate this.

I've spent a hell of a lot of time and energy on others over the years, uncompensated in every way. I could have/should have spent that time and energy on my own life. Time for that free bullshit to end.

Choose from:

Thank you in advance for your support.